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Trailer Takes: Annihilation, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and A Wrinkle in Time

October 5, 2017

Annihilation : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAjdPKwoY7g

Anna: First off, I love Oscar Isaac, although I guess the premise of this film is that he dies which is sad. It was directed by the guy who made Ex Machina (2014), which was delightfully creepy and this movie looks equally eerie and sci-fi-y. I was also getting Westworld vibes with Natalie Portman being interrogated in a glass room by men dressed in white scrubs (?). I love the prominence of women in the story and there’s a lot of great actresses featured. I’m especially excited about Tess Thompson and Gina Rodriguez. Natalie Portman looks like she’s going Black Swan (2010) mode again which should be fun. I’m all for ominous, futuristic movies and this one seems like it might be making a commentary on environmental destruction, whereas Ex Machina focused on technology gone rogue. I’m excited to see what conclusion the movie will reach, although I’m guessing I’ll leave the theater feeling more pessimistic and scared about the future of our world than before. Can’t wait!

Juliana: I’m not really sure what this movie is up to, but there’s one thing for sure: the visuals are simply gorgeous. I was stuck in this constant loop of wanting to look away in case of a jump scare (the increasing pace of the music hinted at horror) and of marveling at how great the special effects look. I’m not really familiar with the synopsis of the movie, so the trailer didn’t really give me much of a clear story. It seems to be part horror, part sci-fi. Personally, I love that combination, and part of me is glad that it doesn’t come out until next year, so I have a chance to maybe read the book before watching it (although, with the schedule of a GU student, I think I’m just fooling myself). All in all, there’s some seriously strong suspense in this movie, and it’s definitely one of those to watch out for in 2018.

Sarika: If it wasn’t for a star-studded cast, I would have no interest in watching this movie. The storyline is extremely unclear, and simultaneously not gripping enough for me to care about knowing more. The technicolor animation looks cool, but not especially groundbreaking. I adore Gina Rodriguez, (and I trust that she wouldn’t sign on for an unprovoking movie), so perhaps she will singlehandedly get me to see this. Having Natalie Portman and the director/writer of Ex Machina doesn’t hurt. However, I’ll let somebody else spend ten dollars to test out this movie at the theater before I put my money down.


The Killing of a Sacred Deer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQFdGfwChtw

Anna: Ok, you know it’s gonna be scary when a child-like voice starts singing off screen immediately. Although this is the first one I’ve seen to use Ellie Goulding for that purpose. Intrigued. Medical horror stories can be overdone easily, but if the movie is as controlled as the trailer then it has potential. Nicole Kidman looks perfectly icy and Colin Farrell should have shaved his beard a while ago. (Isn’t that unsanitary for surgery?) I like the ambiguity about who the most sinister character in the film is going to be—although I’m putting my money on the teen boy. The trailer didn’t give much away about the specifics of what’s prompting all the scary vibes and collapsing people so I definitely need to see how this plays out.

Juliana: That was messed up. Actually, let me correct that: that was VERY messed up. I ended up having to ask my roommate to watch it again with me, because I had no idea what was even going on the first time around (and the second time around didn’t help either). There’s people being dragged, creepy-as-hell girls singing, vague macabre one-liners…. There’s a ton of horror movie tropes, and yet the trailer somehow still gives off this original quality to it. The release date, October 27, places it in the prime time of the year for scary movies, so I’m definitely going to be watching this around Halloween (and then possibly have to sleep with the lights on for the rest of the year). If you’re in the need of some heavy insomnia, I would highly recommend.

Sarika: When the creepy child singing started, my first instinct was to immediately minimize the window that I had just set to full-screen. And many cover my eyes a bit. And close one ear just in case (you never know when something is going to pop out!). The children seem well casted in the classic horror genre way, while the sunny cinematography is refreshing and almost adds to the creepiness. Nicole Kidman’s paralyzing blonde stare was the last hint I needed to know that this is not a movie for the faint of heart. The Halloween release date will be the perfect spooky season backdrop for this simultaneously novel and archetypal horror movie.


A Wrinkle in Time : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4U3TeY2wtM

Anna: Wow, wow, wow. An Ava Duvernay take on A Wrinkle in Time? And coming out two days after my birthday? Maybe we are part of something divine. I have to say I do remember enjoying the 2003 version as a little kid but this is bound to be on a new level (dimension, perhaps?) with the trio of Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling, all serving LOOKS. I’m expecting this to be a feel-good adventure in the all the best ways.

Juliana: To sum it up, the trailer is epic. It’s a Disney movie after all, and, if there’s one thing they have learned by now is how to make these snippets as addicting as possible. Fabulous casting, eccentric colors, well-placed music, killer special effects… They have it all, and they reveal it just on the right amount. I’m not familiar with the book, but I also got a lot of girl power vibes from the story, which seems to be a popular trend going on. I’m not complaining: if this movie is half as great as last year’s Moana, then it’s certainly a must-watch. Not sure if this is the 2018 Disney movie I’m most excited for (after all, they’re releasing seven, and that’s not even counting Marvel and Star Wars), but I’ll probably eventually end up watching it.

Sarika: Chris Pine?! Mindy Kaling?! Reese Witherspoon?! Gugu Mbatha-Raw?! Mellie from Scandal?! OPRAH?! This trailer delivered EVERYTHING that I had dreamed of from the next Ava DuVernay wonder. It maintains the darkness of the story combined with costumes, visuals, and cinematography that promise the whimsicality of Spy Kids meets Willy Wonka. Plus, the throwback “Sweet Dreams” cover accompanying the trailer didn’t hurt. The suspense from the ticking title at the end had me audibly groaning when I saw that this isn’t due for release until MARCH. If I only I could travel along a wrinkle in time to watch this movie early.


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