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The Weekly List: Fly Eagles Fly

November 13, 2017

We are 10 weeks through the NFL season, and, to the surprise of many fans, the Philadelphia Eagles have the league’s best record at 8-1. These are exciting times for the Philadelphia faithful, who have real hope for a deep playoff run for the first time in years. So, without further ado, please join these mostly Philly-based musicians and enjoy this week’s edition of the Weekly List: Fly Eagles Fly.


  1. The War on Drugs: “Come to the City”

To start off, listen to the psychedelic rock of Philly’s own The War on Drugs and try to put yourself in the shoes of a Philadelphia sports fan. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, the Phillies are the losingest American sports franchise ever, and until this year the 76ers have been terrible. Now the latter two teams have young players and promising futures, and the Eagles are winning, finally making sports exciting again in the city.


  1. J. Period and The Roots: “Streets of Philly”

It’s been more than a decade since Philly has been as excited by their Eagles as they are now. Between an ever-improving offense and an elite defense led by Fletcher Cox and Malcolm Jenkins, the streets of Philly are abuzz every Sunday.


  1. Eagles: “The Long Run”

After a 1-1 start, the Eagles have won their past seven games. No playlist about the football team Eagles would be complete without a song by the band of the same name, and the Eagles’ long winning streak is almost as popular with fans as “The Long Run” is with middle-aged white guys.


  1. Will Smith: “Men in Black”

In their most recent victory, the Eagles, wearing their sleek, all-black uniforms, demolished the Denver Broncos, scoring 51 points against what had been one of the best defenses in the league. Will Smith (who, if you recall, is from west Philadelphia, born and raised) might as well be rapping about the birds.


  1. Hodera: “North Dakota”

Leading the charge for the Eagles is good ol’ North Dakota boy Carson Wentz, who leads the league with 23 touchdowns and is a favorite to win the MVP award in just his second year in the league.


  1. Dr. Dog: “Warrior Man”

Wentz is more than just his stats. His intelligence, poise, and toughness all make him a warrior on the football field. Plus he can make magic happen.


  1. Meek Mill: “Never Lose (feat. Lihtz Kamraz)”

At this point, it seems like the Eagles might just go all the way to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, it looks like Meek Mill might have to watch his hometown team from inside a prison, after he was sentenced to two to four years in prison for violating parole. #FreeMeek


  1. Hall & Oates: “You Make My Dreams”

When the Eagles lost to the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX, I was eight years old and I cried. If the Eagles win the Super Bowl this year, I will be 21 years old and I will cry. This time it will be tears of joy, though, because Carson Wentz and the Eagles will have made my dreams come true.


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