Concert Preview: STRFKR, Feb. 17, 9:30 Club

February 13, 2018

Photo: Erica Reinsel, Facebook

Despite their best attempts in choosing a name that is both anti-fame and unfit for radio broadcast, STRFKR’s unique brand of dark, indie-pop dance music has earned them a wide and devoted following in the alternative music scene today. Their latest release, Being No One, Going Nowhere, builds on this success, matching meaningful lyrical content over upbeat pop melodies and infectious rhythms that makes the album sound as contradictory and refreshingly new as their name.

Band founder Joshua Hodges pushes the frontier of indie rock with each new STRFKR release, and yet continues to put out music that sounds polished and exciting rather than flatly experimental. This mastery comes through on Being No One, but it will be even more apparent at their show this Saturday, Feb. 17th at the 9:30 Club. STRFKR’s focus since its origin has been to create “dance music that you can actually listen to… good pop songs, but also you can dance to it” according to Hodges. Combined with synth, psychedelic, folk, rock, and disco influences, STRFKR is both innovative enough to intrigue any music fan, and familiar enough to make dancing to their music irresistible.

The band is dedicated to putting on fun, high-energy live shows, and Saturday’s show should be a continuation of this success. Further event details can be found here.

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