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Stripped: Season 3, Episode 3

September 24, 2018

It’s couples’ fashion week here on Stripped! Guests of varying relationship statuses, Anna Gloor and Alli Kaufman, join your hapless-in-love co-hosts, Isabel Lord and Emma Francois, for this funny and insightful look at the psychology of couples (and roomies!) who match, gift, debate, criticize, and inspire one another’s fashion decisions. Plus, one of the guests endures a ~!wardrobe malfunction!~ — this is “Stripped,” after all.

Image courtesy of REUTERS/Rose Prouser

Isabel Lord
Isabel graduated from the College and wishes she learned how to soulja boy and will fight you for dessert. She is the Voice's former multimedia editor, coproducer of the Fashion Issue, and has the deepest voice on the podcast Stripped.

Emma Francois
is the highest-pitched voice on the fashion + sex podcast, Stripped.

Anna Gloor
Anna is the former general manager of the Voice's business section.


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