Alli Kaufman

The Voice Podcast Network

Stripped: Season 3, Episode 3

It’s couples’ fashion week here on Stripped! Guests of varying relationship statuses, Anna Gloor and Alli Kaufman, join your hapless-in-love co-hosts, Isabel Lord and Emma Francois, for this funny and insightful... Read more


Carrying On: The Cost of Fitting In

I hear the phrase “I’m broke” a lot at Georgetown. But it’s not “I’m broke and don’t have money to pay my bills.” “I’m broke” is usually used to express... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Taste Test: Ben and Jerry’s

In this episode of Taste Test, Erika Bullock and Danielle Hewitt are joined by Alli Kaufman and Graham Piro for a discussion on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.


Finding Empowerment Outside of the Boys’ Club

I cursed for the first time in second grade. I was the only girl playing soccer at recess—as usual—when I said “crap.” I don’t remember in what context I said... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Untitled Leisure Project: The Gauntlet – How I Met Your Mother

On this episode of the Untitled Leisure Podcast, the first edition of The Guantlet, where Daniel Varghese and Danielle Hewitt hold hotly contested pop culture debates. This time, whether or... Read more


Who Wore it Best: NFL Color Rush Edition

The designers of this season’s color rush jerseys did their homework. In case you’ve been living under a rock all season: monochrome is winning. But for the less educated, we’ll... Read more