My Chemical Romance to Reunite in December for L.A. Comeback Show

My Chemical Romance to Reunite in December for L.A. Comeback Show


It’s been six long years since My Chemical Romance, the beloved emo rock band, officially called it quits in 2013. For years, many fans speculated that the band might get back together, but eventually resigned themselves to the fact that their favorite group was gone for good—only alive in the still-churning depths of Tumblr. But fear not, lovers of “Welcome to the Black Parade,” “Helena,” and all things dramatic and macabre, because the boys are back in town. 

On October 31, the members of My Chemical Romance announced through their social media accounts that they were reuniting for a comeback show with an homage to their 2002 EP Like Phantoms, Forever. The show is set to be on December 20 at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles. A reminder that the group will live on forever, the Halloween announcement was the perfect degree of emo to get even the most removed fans excited and donning all black once more. Though the show itself is sold out, fans around the world are eager to see new content from the band and hear old favorites (even through video). 

Additionally, MCR announced they will be performing at the Download Festival in Sydney, Melbourne, and Tokyo, and will be joining Jimmy Eat World in New Zealand all in March 2020. 

It will be interesting to see how the group performs together after these years apart. The members look much older now than how fans remember them and they’ve been doing their own solo work. Frontman Gerard Way has even become successful outside of music, through his comic book series and TV show “The Umbrella Academy.” Regardless of these new identities and lives that the members have cultivated, fans will be looking for some good ol’ nostalgia, and will be expecting many favorites like “Famous Last Words” and “Teenagers.” Personally, I cannot wait to see how these shows turn out, maybe I’ll even paint my nails black for the occasion. Trust that I, too, will be cranking up the volume on my favorite MCR song, “Summertime,” to reminisce about being 14, a bit weird and cringey, and full of love for a band. 

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