Ferretti and Badger win 2020 GUSA Election

February 7, 2020

This post has been updated to include a statement from Badger

Nico Ferretti (SFS ’21) and Bryce Badger (MSB ’21) will become the next GUSA Executive leaders following an undergraduate student body election conducted this week, the GUSA Election Commission announced on Twitter at 12:50 am.

Voter turnout was at 2301 students, according to the Election Commission. Ferretti and Badger beat out two other tickets vying for the executive position: Arisaid Gonzalez Porras (COL ’21) and Anahi Figueroa-Flores (COL ’21) and Joshua Marín-Mora (SFS ’21). Three referenda were announced to have passed earlier in the evening. 

Under the slogan “Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Georgetown,” the Ferretti-Badger pair looks to bring their pragmatism and personal identity to the executive. “Our campaign is built on three core values: being proactive, being realistic; recognizing and embracing intersectionality; and then owning who we are,” Badger said to the Voice staff. 

The administration has outlined multiple goals for their term. “We have four key focus areas. The two that I’m really passionate about are affiliated with an inclusive campus and preventing sexual assault on campus. Also improving sustainability and improving facilities on campus,” Badger said. 

Although the two have extensive tenures being involved with GUSA, they see outside voices as pivotal to improving life at Georgetown. “We also want to bring new people in. I’m always looking for ways to get people involved in GUSA, just because we really do need as many voices as possible,” Ferretti said. This includes lowering the barrier to entry for students to tackle campus issues.“If you DM me or something and you’re like, ‘oh, I’m interested in this,’ I will give you a team. You can get a team,” he said. “You can get a project going. It’s not something you have to apply for anymore. And I just want to make sure we continue that.”

In response to a comment request from the Voice, the two promised to commit themselves fully to the needs of the students. “We are thrilled to have won the confidence and trust of the Georgetown student body, and we promise not to let them down,” Badger wrote in a statement to the Voice.  “The values and policies that guided our campaign platform, such as addressing sexual misconduct and fostering a more inclusive and sustainable campus, will continue to drive forward our policies as an administration.”

The winners will assume the GUSA Executive, a role previously held by President Norman Francis Jr. (COL ’20) and Vice President Aleida Olvera (COL ’20), next month.

Rachel Cohen
Rachel Cohen is a contributing editor and a senior in the college. She is a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox, student journalism, and anything from Trader Joe's.

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