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QUIZ: Which character in The Crown are you based off of your Thanksgiving meal?

December 7, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving and happy Season 4 of The Crown (Hello, Princess Diana)! I hope you took time off from quizzes over Thanksgiving break, but I’m here to give you one more (a fun one, I promise)! This quiz is slightly ironic, considering the British royal family doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving; however, it sums up my Thanksgiving break (eating and binge-watching The Crown). So sit back, relax, watch an episode, eat some leftovers, and find out which character from The Crown you are based on your Thanksgiving meal!

Abby Smith
Abby is a sophomore studying Business and Global Affairs from Indianapolis, IN. She is a Halftime Leisure Assistant Editor, enjoys writing about the Kardashians, and takes pride in her grilled cheese recipe.

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