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Quiz: What’s your role in the next big adventure story?

February 12, 2022

Courtesy of Mark Willard/Disney Parks

Everybody loves a great adventure. Well it’s your lucky day! By some convoluted means, you’ve found yourself in a magical world. Maybe it’s the thrill of going on a high stakes mission to defeat an ancient evil or just simply a fascination with exploring the world you’ve found yourself in, but whatever the reason, you decide to embark on your own adventure. No worries, though! You won’t be alone. No adventure is complete without a ragtag team of superpowered misfits. Take this quiz to find your role in the iconic ‘Five Man Band’ adventure archetype.



Ajani Jones
Ajani is a junior in the college majoring in linguistics. He is the Editor-in-Chief. He is also really, REALLY excited for the Percy Jackson TV show and will not shut up about it (still won't).

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