The Voice sits down with your 2023 Mr. Georgetown Contestants


Published September 29, 2023

Graphic Courtesy of Georgetown Program Board

Mr. Georgetown—the uproarious annual male beauty pageant featuring senior representatives from campus club organizations—is back. The pageant will be held today in Gaston Hall.

The 2023 Mr. Georgetown tickets sold out in a mere eight minutes, a record-breaking ticket sellout, according to the Georgetown Program Board, which runs the pageant.

The pageant will include an introductory dance performance, a showcase of spirit wear, a talent display, an elimination phase, and a question and answer session. Beyond the glitz and glamour, this event captures the essence of the vibrant Georgetown community and offers students a break from rigorous academics. 

This year, the Voice interviewed the 15 contestants and asked them about their involvement and experiences on campus, their lighthearted Mr. Georgetown campaigning platform, and their Mr. Georgetown talents. Meet the 15 contestants below!

Kevin Moreno (CAS ’24) – Mr. Queer People of Color (QPOC)

Superlative: Mr. Sexy Mama

As the president of QPOC, Moreno’s Mr. Georgetown journey is not just about taking the stage; it’s about carving out a space for underrepresented voices.

In the spirit of Mr. Georgetown, where contestants often convey fun and lighthearted messages, Moreno’s platform is as unique as his journey. He aims to bring QPOC to the forefront, a mission rooted in inclusivity and acceptance. As such, his performance will be stand-up comedy revolving around themes of sexuality.

Moreno is dedicated to breathing new life into the club after the challenges of the pandemic. He remarks, “COVID kind of let these kinds of clubs die a little bit, but we did a revamp on the logo, making it more modern, trying to get more people to join.”

Moreno sees Mr. Georgetown as the final stage of QPOC’s revival, a representation of their resilience and presence on campus.

Lucas Lin (SFS ’24) – Mr. Asian American Student Association

Superlative: Mr. Flexible

Get ready for some unforgettable spirit wear—booty shorts that proudly declare “AASA booty.” But that’s just the beginning. 

“My talent, which is a rap, will have a lot of ass references and a lot of hopping and squatting. So I’ve been training a lot for that,” Lin said. 

In the past, he has helped create an entirely original Asian American musical called (no) pressure and wrote its villain’s rap verses. Now, he’s crafting a new rap for Mr. Georgetown, showcasing his musical talent.

But beyond the laughs, Lin is passionate about representing AASA’s mission of promoting pan-Asian identity, emphasizing its place within the Georgetown community and the broader United States.

“I started, you know, doing my squats, doing my stretches, uh, you know, doing all that kind of stuff,” Lin said. 

Renato Llontop Calosi (SFS ’24) – Mr. International Relations Club

Superlative: Most likely to know every single person on campus by name

Growing up in Peru, Llontop developed a passion for understanding global dynamics. Studying international political economy, he found an avenue to explore his interests academically. This academic pursuit led him to become deeply involved in the GU Model UN team. Throughout his college career, Llontop made the significant realization that “language and culture were part of the day-to-day [life].” This realization prompted him to become particularly active in advocating for student voices, as he believes students could be “uplifted in any type of concerns or problems they have.”

While public speaking has been a huge part of his life, he never sang in public. His talent is singing, but to spice it up, he’ll be singing in four different languages and mixing up songs in English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

“I think the dance rehearsals for Mr. Georgetown prep have been crazy … we’ve been preparing this for almost a month … it’s been challenging, too,” Llontop said.

Kevin Ogeka (MSB ’24) – Mr. Pep Band

Superlative: Mr. Most likely to do the most random things on stage 

When talking about rehearsals, Ogeka admits that “honestly, I probably spend more time on this than I have for my classes this semester.” 

For Ogeka, repetition is key. On his individual talent alone, he has been spending over three hours each week practicing. For his talent, Ogeka will be “multi-tasking”—singing and playing a video game at the same time. 

Helping navigate the social culture at Georgetown has been crucial to Ogeka’s Georgetown experience. Representing the pep band, Ogeka puts out the PSA that, “as an organization, we’re more kids in band and less band kids.” Moreover, Ogeka possesses a great deal of enthusiasm and energy, which he refers to as what he calls “pep,” as it would add a cool dynamic to the show.

Brandon Wu (SFS ’24) – Mr. College Democrats

Superlative: Mr. Barely keeping it together

Wu is all about exploring the city—whether “knocking doors through college Democrats or going to a new restaurant in Maryland or Virginia.” While Wu enjoys venturing beyond the confines of Georgetown’s campus, he also acknowledges the importance of cultivating a “collective cultural identity” within our campus community. As part of the Asian American Students Association and the Chinese Student Alliance, he emphasized the importance of finding affinity groups and cultural spaces that feel like home. 

“I’ve really found that Mr. Georgetown practices have felt really rewarding mainly because people are like, we’ll go crazy. We’ll kind of go into like mobs,” Wu said. 

Wu came into Mr. Georgetown thinking he didn’t have a special talent like rapping, dancing, or comedy that other Georgetown folks could do. His journey at Mr. Georgetown, however, has helped him realize that “a lot of us don’t have that specific standout quality, but being who we are and being  yourself is really what allows you to reflect Georgetown.” As such, Wu believes that “Mr. Georgetown is meant to reflect a common Georgetown student.”

“I think that for me, like, not having that specific talent but wanting to put in 100 percent and see what happens … that would make me what Mr. Georgetown represents,” Wu said.

David Scheerer (CAS ’24) – Mr. Guerilla Improv

Superlative: Mr. Serendipitous

Scheerer, also known as “Mr. Guerilla” and a member of Guerilla Improv, brings a unique and vibrant perspective to this year’s Mr. Georgetown competition. Hailing from the quiet town of Redwing, Minn., Scheerer represents a different slice of America. 

“[There are] ​​a lot of East Coast prep school girlies here at Georgetown, and I went to an underfunded public school. So, public school representative,” Scheerer said.

Scheerer’s dedication to the Mr. Georgetown experience is unmistakable. He asserts, “There are two things common amongst people. First is self-respect. And the second is self-preservation. And I have neither. So I am willing to do whatever it takes to entertain every single one of the 600 audience members and make the judges know that I am here to commit.”

In the spirit of the pageant, Scheerer humorously coined himself “serendipitous.”

“It might not be a word, in which case that would be even better, because I made it up on the spot and that’s what my whole job is,” said Scheerer.

Mason Leath (SFS ’24) – Mr. Hoya Blue

Superlative: Mr. Most likely to mess up and not know what the dance moves are but to still sell it.

Mason Leath, originally from Charleston, S.C., represents the club “Before the Blue” in this year’s Mr. Georgetown. When reflecting on the Mr. Georgetown rehearsal experience, Leath thinks that “it’s an amazing group of guys. Like, whoever wins, it’s going to be a great person, like, everyone is so funny and awesome.” 

Leath started DJing in January this past year and will bring his DJing skills to the competition. Mr. Georgetown is all about “pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and doing things you would never do,” says Mason.

Gershon Stein (SFS ’24) – Mr. Alexander Hamilton Society

Superlative: Mr. Memorable Scholar

Gershon Stein has a diverse range of on-campus involvements, lending his energy and intellect to the Alexander Hamilton Society, the ski team, and Model UN. When asked about his advice for fellow Hoyas, his response is a reflection of his own journey: “Enjoy every moment at Georgetown. Take advantage of everything, and don’t get too worried about internships too early on.”

When discussing what sets him apart as an ideal Mr. Georgetown candidate, Stein says, “I’m a well-rounded person at Georgetown.”

His talent for Mr. Georgetown remains a well-kept secret, but he hints at it involving reading and writing that reflects his passion and engagement with the Georgetown community.

Dan Sachs (CAS ’24) – Mr. Jewish Student Association

Superlative: Mr. Most likely to be a Jesuit

As a Mr. Georgetown contestant, Sachs embodies the idea that Georgetown is a place where students can find their niche and build unique communities. He emphasizes the wealth of opportunities the university offers and the importance of taking advantage of them throughout one’s time here.

“What sets me apart is probably the fact that I’ve danced so many times in my life. This is my third time doing Rangila here at Georgetown, and I’ve participated in different skits and dances throughout high school,” Sachs explains.

Beyond Mr. Georgetown, Sachs is highly involved on campus. He co-presides over the Georgetown Jewish Student Association, works at the Writing Center, and offers tours for Blue and Gray. He’s even pondering ways to ensure that the hardworking Blue and Gray guides receive compensation for their services.

As for his talent, Sachs keeps it a secret, calling it, “a crazy surprise.”

Jonathan Lee (SFS ’24) – Mr. Chinese Student Alliance

Superlative: Mr. Ass Shakes

In the spirit of Mr. Georgetown, Lee expressed a desire for greater cultural awareness on his platform. Representing the Chinese Student Alliance, Lee is enthusiastic about sharing the rich tapestry of Chinese history and culture, noting, “Chinese history is pretty rich, with all these myths, legends, and thousands of years of history.” He hopes to spark curiosity and highlight the value of learning about Asia’s multifaceted history and culture.

Lee emphasizes the shared enthusiasm among contestants, united in their commitment to delivering a memorable show for the Georgetown community.

Mikhail Floresca (SOH ’24) – Mr. Club Filipino

Superlative: Mr. Big Frien-

As an immigrant from Cebu City, the Philippines, Floresca represents the essence of a first-generation American. His dedication to education transcends borders, aiming to extend educational opportunities internationally, particularly in Ginulo, the Philippines, where displaced rural farmers seek higher education. 

Beyond his philanthropic endeavors, Floresca embodies the Georgetown spirit of unity, family, and love. “I just want everyone to enjoy themselves,” he says. “Georgetown community is all about these many interspersed clubs coming together, and what matters most to me is making a family out of the people that I’m with.”

For his talent, Floresca is taking the stage with a one-man duet in his native language. While the plot will be kept a secret, the performance will combine music, drama, and creativity to convey a powerful message.

Diego Bigelow-Gonzalo (MSB ’24) – Mr. Ritmo y Sabor

Superlative: Mr. Most Humble

“Hi, my name is Diego Bigelow-Gonzalo,” he begins, laughing about his lengthy last name. Bigelow-Gonzalo represents Ritmo y Sabor, one of Georgetown’s Latin dance teams, in Mr. Georgetown 2023. 

Yet, Bigelow-Gonzalo’s talent is not what you might expect from him as a member of the Latin dance team. Instead of Latin dancing, he’s bringing a different flair to the stage. “I’ve been rapping for a while now,” he explains. “I started dropping songs on SoundCloud back in March 2020.”

His presence as a rapper on campus is memorable. “Sophomore year, I want to say 15, 20 people were like, ‘Hey, you’re the rapper, right?’” he recalls. “I had actual fans who knew the lyrics to my rap songs when I walked on campus.”

For his Mr. Georgetown talent, Bigelow-Gonzalo is planning to perform an original track. “It’s not meant to be too serious,” he says. “I’m going for the humor route.”

Anndy Serrano-Marcillo (CAS ’24) – Mr. Casa Latina

Superlative: Mr. Most likely to buy a strawberry açai refresher

Growing up in the vibrant Ecuadorian community of the Bronx, Serrano-Marcillo found strength in his Latinidad, even as he navigated the challenges of a predominantly white institution. 

“Being a [predominantly white institution], it was really hard to navigate those spaces where being Latino was represented,” he reflects. “But I celebrate where my parents come from and the culture I celebrate.”

The Georgetown Scholars Program and Beyond First Year at Georgetown have offered him support and a sense of community.

Serrano-Marcillo’s talent is a deep personal journey into dance. “I’ve done dance since 2009,” he says. “I’m doing an Ecuadorian folkloric dance from Ecuador, part of the indigenous culture as well.” Serrano-Marcillo also said that will be adding a “twist” to the dance.

This performance is more than just a talent. It’s a connection to his heritage, a celebration of his roots, and an opportunity to share a piece of his identity with the Georgetown community.

George Abalekpor (CAS ’24) – Mr. African Society

Superlative: Mr. Most likely to have GERMS called on them like in the middle of the show

Originally from Omaha, Neb., Abalekpor proudly represents the African Society in this year’s Mr. Georgetown competition.

Abalekpor’s journey through Georgetown University has been defined by his commitment to exploring a diverse range of experiences. He’s a member of the mock trial team, actively involved in the Student Advocacy Office, and even lends his talents to the career center.

For his talent performance, Abalekpor will be playing the saxophone and singing, and Mr. Georgetown will be the first time he’s played the saxophone live!

Zan Haq (SFS ’24) – Mr. Lecture Fund

Superlative: Mr. Most likely to try to grow a mustache

Zan Haq, representative of Lecture Fund, offers a down-to-earth platform: “Don’t take things too seriously,” he advises, embodying the essence of Mr. Georgetown’s spirit. “Georgetown’s four years. Like, have fun. It’s about being with a group of really cool people, not just about textbooks and lectures.”

Haq doesn’t claim to be the “ideal” Mr. Georgetown candidate, but he has an eagerness to try new things. “I don’t know how to dance, but I’m going to try it because I think it’ll be fun,” he confesses. 

His talent is stand-up comedy. “It’s an accessible thing that entertains people,” Haq says. “It’s just me and my voice, which pretty much everyone who’s competing has.”

Beyond the stage, Haq is also very involved on campus. He’s a member of the Lecture Fund and the Guerilla Improv comedy group. 

Tickets to Mr. Georgetown tonight have sold out, but you can still watch the livestream tonight at 7 p.m. on the Georgetown Program Board Facebook page here.

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