Senate certifies second Cobb and Mehta win in special Executive election

October 22, 2023

Illustration by Deborah Han

Jaden Cobb (CAS ’25) and Sanaa Mehta (SFS ’25) have been elected as GUSA Executive president and vice president following a vote by the undergraduate student body. The election was conducted between Oct. 19 and Oct. 20, with the GUSA Election Commission announcing the results on Twitter at 9:04 p.m. on Oct 20. The Senate certified the results in a meeting on Sunday, Oct. 22.

This election is the second time this month in which students have voted for their next GUSA executives. On Oct. 8, the Cobb-Mehta ticket was announced as winners of the previous election via the Election Commission’s Twitter. Their win was decertified later that day after accusations of campaign violations. The vote centered around the accusation that the Cobb-Mehta ticket violated GUSA bylaw 16.04, which prohibits campaigns from having voting stations with electronic devices.

Prior to the decertification of the Oct. 8 election, executive candidates Axel Abrica (CAS ’25) and Sebastian Cardena (CAS ’26) released a statement calling the Election Commission’s response inadequate and condemning the Cobb-Mehta ticket’s “disregard for campaign rules,” as well as alleging hostility and threats from the campaign. Abrica and Cardena did not run in the special election. 

This condemnation was echoed by executive candidates Saatvik Sunkavalli (SFS ’25) and Andrea Li (SFS ’26), who ran in both elections. 

Following the decertification vote, GUSA announced that this week’s special election would be held to select its new executive pair. 

Over 1,100 students voted for the executive positions during this election, with 68.2 percent of the votes going to the Cobb-Mehta ticket, according to the Election Commission on Twitter. Nearly 400 fewer students voted in the special election than in the previous election cycle.

Over the course of both campaigns, Cobb and Mehta emphasized a commitment to elevate the voices and issues of Georgetown’s vulnerable communities. They said their tenure would prioritize addressing race and gender inequity, as well as broader student concerns, such as CAPS accessibility. 

“Today is not just a win for Jaden Cobb and Sanaa Mehta but it’s a win for Gu272+, GUPR, vulnerable communities and so much more,” Cobb wrote to the Voice following notice of the certification.

Ajani Jones
Ajani is a junior in the college majoring in linguistics. He is the Editor-in-Chief. He is also really, REALLY excited for the Percy Jackson TV show and will not shut up about it (still won't).

Eddy Binford-Ross
Eddy Binford-Ross is a sophomore in the SFS and the news editor. She loves talking about the importance of student journalism, swimming in mountain lakes, reading good novels, and, of course, writing for the Voice.

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