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GUSA Senate declines to overturn executive election results, certifies Wolfe and Ume-Ukeje despite campaign allegations

The GUSA Senate convened on Feb. 13 to certify the 2022 executive election results over the recommendation of the Election Commission (EC).


Wolfe and Ume-Ukeje win the 2022 GUSA Executive Election

Kole Wolfe (SFS ’24) and Zeke Ume-Ukeje (COL ’24) have won the 2022 GUSA Executive Election, according to the Election Commission.


Write-in “MO” for GUSA Exec

The Voice Editorial Board endorses the Marcella/Otice slate, the MO campaign, for the GUSA Executive election.


Two GUSA campaigns under fire, third ticket hastily joins the race for Exec

As of Feb. 6, there are now four tickets campaigning in the GUSA Executive election. Voting opens Thurday, Feb. 10.


GUSA Vice President candidate Sam Appel exits campaign, resigns from Senate

Sam Appel (COL ’20) stepped down from his candidacy for GUSA Vice President and resigned from the GUSA Senate on Monday night.  Appel’s running mate for GUSA President, Nicki Gray (NHS... Read more


GUSA Executive campaigns to begin Friday

The GUSA Executive election campaign period will begin on Friday, Jan. 25, according to an announcement email sent to students by the GUSA Election Committee, who is a separate body... Read more


GUSA Senate certifies Nair/Rahman win, referendum results

The GUSA Senate certified the results of the Feb. 22 election of GUSA executive candidates Sahil Nair (SFS ‘19) and Naba Rahman (SFS ‘19) on Sunday 27-0 with one abstention.... Read more


Nair/Rahman win 2018 GUSA executive election

Sahil Nair (SFS ‘19) and Naba Rahman (SFS ‘19) have won the 2018 GUSA executive election by a margin of 36 votes. The GUSA Election Commission announced the results on... Read more


Presidential candidates debate GUSA’s role, influence on campus

On Feb. 19, four GUSA candidates debated the role of student government in Georgetown student life and influence over the university administration in the GUSA presidential debate. Josh Sirois (COL... Read more


Vote Nair/Rahman for GUSA executive

This year’s GUSA executive election features another slate of lackluster tickets that fail to inspire excitement or address the apathy towards GUSA from the general student population. This campaign should... Read more


On the Record: GUSA candidates Hunter Estes and Richard Howell

The Voice sat down with GUSA executive candidates Hunter Estes (SFS’19) and Richard Howell (SFS ’19) to discuss their platform of cost, community, and charity and their plans for tuition... Read more


On the Record: GUSA candidates Josh Sirois and Casey Doherty

The Voice sat down with GUSA executive candidates Josh Sirois (SFS ‘20) and Casey Doherty (COL ‘20) to discuss their campaign platform, “Moving Forward,” and goals to bring feasible solutions... Read more