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GUSA passes a resolution calling for divestment connected to the genocide of Uyghur Muslims

GUSA passed legislation to address Georgetown’s endowment in companies related to the genocide and repression of Uyghur Muslims in China, as well as confirmed a new senator to fill a... Read more


First Time Long Time: Opening Ceremony

With the Winter Olympics starting up, host Roman is joined by Leisure Editor Lucy to “preview” the Winter Olympics and rank every sport based on our own personal scale. No analysis, just... Read more


In the face of gentrification, go-go plays on

Go-go music is D.C. culture. Like many staples of Black culture in the nation’s rapidly gentrifying capital, go-go is under threat of erasure. 


West Side Story (2021) is an exceptional remake, despite problematic lead and box office failure

Content warning: This article mentions sexual assault. Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021) provides its audience with one of the most delightful yet devastating movie-going experiences of the year, complete... Read more


Club applications suck. Let’s finally end them.

Structural exclusivity is often a greater enticement for students to partake in selective clubs. Students buy into the heuristic that an application implies a desirable club experience—suddenly membership is understood to be lucrative.

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Being the Ricardos (2021) is emblematic of today’s awards season. Here’s why that needs to change

Being the Ricardos is so fast-paced, so thematically unfocused, and so unconcerned that it gives Lucy no dimensional backstory.


Georgetown needs to provide sexual assault support for student-run clubs

Without measures to help students foster welcoming club environments, instances of sexual assault, such as the one within my club’s, will continue to occur, and insufficient support will continue to fail students and their clubs.


Smithsonian museums struggle to keep national treasure above water

As a warming climate is projected to increase extreme weather events, museums face new collection conservation and sustainability challenges. 


Disney’s Encanto (2021) is a nuanced but incomplete take on family

We need to talk about Encanto (2021). Or, so says everyone on Twitter the last few weeks. Disney’s new animated film Encanto is a creative sensation that examines the complexities... Read more


Establishing Asian American studies remains an uphill battle at Georgetown

Professor Christine So wants to know why English is the only department at Georgetown with an Asian American studies scholar in it.


Georgetown’s non-faculty workers deserve better treatment

Last winter, two Georgetown students crowdsourced $17,000 for Stacey Walton, a Georgetown food service employee struggling with food and housing insecurity. In advocating for Walton, they acknowledged the simple fact... Read more


To the casting directors of Euphoria and other teen shows—grow up

The trend of casting adults to play teens is more than merely annoying—it has the potential for significant harm.


Misery in McDonough: Hoyas fall to St. John’s for their tenth consecutive loss

The Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team (6-14, 0-9 Big East) lost 90-73 to the St. John’s Red Storm (12-9, 4-6 Big East) Thursday night in McDonough Arena. The defeat marks... Read more

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Quiz: What is wrong with you?

You wanna know what it is about you that keeps the townsfolk up at night, clutching their rosaries and muttering about you under their breath?


What goes up must come down: men’s basketball struggles after last year’s triumph

There’s no sugarcoating it: We’re doing badly. Really badly. In fact, the Hoyas’ 0-8 Big East record is their worst start to conference play since joining the Big East as... Read more


Fr. Theodore Dziak, a former Georgetown on-campus chaplain, accused of rape

The Voice spoke with five survivors of Dziak’s abuse, as well as chaplains, lawyers, and faculty members from different universities. 

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Rafael Nadal is now the best but for the wrong reasons

Eyes all over the world are on Rafael Nadal, as he just clinched his 21st Grand Slam title in the Australian Open, breaking tennis records and further cementing himself as... Read more


After interim leadership, new CAPS director looks to rebuild trust

After more than a year without a director of Georgetown’s Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS), Dr. Durriya Meer began in the role on Jan. 24. With experience at Johns Hopkins... Read more


Georgetown men’s basketball loses to Seton Hall in ninth-straight loss

On Feb. 1, Georgetown men’s basketball (6-13, 0-8 Big East) came up short against the Pirates of Seton Hall (13-7, 4-6 Big East) by a score of 70-63. With the... Read more


Anti-mandate march draws thousands amidst extended D.C. vaccine and mask mandates

When Dr. Jesse Goodman talks to patients who don’t want to get the vaccine, he doesn’t stop at telling them to get vaccinated; Goodman takes it one step further. “For... Read more


Initiative 82 on track to end the sub-minimum wage for D.C. tipped restaurant staff

After a long series of setbacks, restaurant workers rejoice as a new effort is slated to abolish an exception to D.C. minimum wage laws. Formally titled the District of Columbia... Read more


Students adjust to new semester under Omicron

Georgetown’s COVID-19 test numbers from the week of Jan. 9 have been released, revealing that of the 5,267 students tested, 342 tested positive. The university’s 6.49 percent positivity rate dropped... Read more

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The Harry Potter Reunion renews the relations between beloved cast members

The Harry Potter series changed my life. I have been a self proclaimed super fan since seventh grade so, when I saw the trailer for the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary... Read more


GUSA tackles GOCard access, accessibility for immunocompromised students

As Georgetown prepares for a return to in-person learning, GUSA passed legislation advocating for immunocompromised students and expanding GOCard access at their meeting on Jan. 23.  The first resolution calls... Read more


Hoya Blues: Georgetown basketball loses a nail-biter to Butler, remains winless in Big East play

The Georgetown Hoyas men’s basketball team (6-12, 0-7 Big East) fell 56-53 to the Butler Bulldogs (11-10, 4-6 Big East) in their second meeting of the season. It was not... Read more