Connor Rohan

Trevor and Omika Joe and Connor for GUSA

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During the course of our campaign, two questions have frequently arisen. The first: “Is your campaign real?” The answer is yes and we will be on the ballot. The second: “Are you guys just Trevor and Omika wearing masks so that you can get re-elected? Come on, Tromika, take those off! Guys, stop playin’ around!”…

OKI Bowl redefines ramen’s reputation


Fifty-cents-per-meal instant noodles have tarnished ramen’s good name. For too many Americans, ramen acts as the gastronomic equivalent of abject poverty; it is fuel of the guttersnipe, the last resort of last resorts—a final admission that life has won and you have lost.  Friends, colleagues: it doesn’t have to be this way. Just ask the…

Critical Voices: Cloud Nothings, <i>Here and Nowhere Else</i>

Critical Voices: Cloud Nothings, Here and Nowhere Else


Cloud Nothings has really produced something special with Here and Nowhere Else. Promenading along the line between rage and beauty, Cloud Nothings’s latest release is an effective juxtaposition of pop hooks and seething punk. Where one would normally expect chaos from overdrive and anxious percussion, there is grace. Here and Nowhere Else is the most…

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