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The Bar Issue: Three Hoyas walked into a bar…

With the addition of two new SafeRide routes to Dupont and Adams Morgan and the lifting of the one keg rule for on-campus parties, one thing has become painfully clear to the student population: The administration either wants us on campus or miles away from it. But, despair not! D.C. offers many a night time dives, ranging from laid-back beer gardens to lively joints to dance the night away. So, if you find yourself already tired of hosting sticky, Burnett’s-fueled ragers under the watchful eye of DPS, check out the Voice’s suggestions for a quality night out at the District’s bars. Just don’t be too loud getting out of the taxi on your way back to campus.


Bridging the Gap: Stories from Hoyas who’ve been there

A Hoya's first year on the Hilltop is often filled with new challenges, new friendships, new experiences—new everything. In our first-ever NSO Special Edition, we here at the Voice have compiled stories from our own first years at Georgetown.


Best of 2012

The Voice Staff selects its favorite movies and albums of 2012.

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50 Shades of Blue and Gray: Part 5

Tony was always walking past me. Chance encounters, brief glances, sly smiles. He was handsome, with his black hair and a crooked smile. He was 6’1” and broad-shouldered and mysterious and perfect. I hated... Read more

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50 Shades of Blue and Gray: Part 4

I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Mike! Mike!” I shouted. My whole world was coming apart around me. What was happening? Standing there in shock, I couldn’t bring myself to cry... Read more

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50 Shades of Blue and Gray, Part I

Here at the Voice, we’re all about following trends, so in this moment of crowdsourced news and steamy literature we’ve decided to combine the two. Behold the first installment of... Read more


2012 Football Season Prospectus

Outlook The Hoyas entered the past couple of seasons as a “team on the rise.” In 2012, that moniker still applies – but “contender” is a better term, especially for... Read more