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On the way back: Homelessness in Georgetown

On January 19, Clark Carvelli was discovered by Georgetown Department of Public Safety officers on land adjacent to University property by Canal Road NW. He was later pronounced deceased of natural causes. He and his friend Joseph Cunningham, along with another person, had been living in the woods between the University and Canal Road for an undetermined amount of time. After the incident, Cunningham said the National Park Police asked him to vacate the woods before the next day.


Best of 2011

Movies: Drive, Harry Potter, Bridesmaids, 50/50, Midnight in Paris, Super 8, The Muppets, The Help, Moneyball, Contagion Music: Fleet Foxes, Kanye West & Jay-Z, Adele, The Weeknd, Bon Iver, Coldplay, The Decemberists, The Strokes, Childish Gambino, Tom Waits