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Carrying On: Check me out

Though most of my West Coast-bred friends scoffed, Tuesday’s 5.8-magnitude earthquake really upset me—mostly because I didn’t feel it at all. As my Facebook news feed blew up with first hand accounts of the quake, I sat at my desk with an acute sense of disappointment. Somehow I had missed what would surely become one of the biggest news stories of the end of the summer. I had to disappoint the family members who had emailed me asking for an eyewitness report. Worst of all, I had to come home from work and listen to everyone telling me how cool it was to feel an earthquake as if I hadn’t been in DC at all.


Six people to know at Georgetown

Rev. Christopher Steck, Jennifer Altemus, Mike Arthur, Shiva Subbaraman, Jan Karski, and the students of GERMS: becoming familiar with these six Georgetown fixtures will help anyone learn their way around campus.


Photo Contest 2011

Check out the winners to our annual photo contest!


Relay takes aim at fundraising record

Georgetown Relay for Life, which will hold its annual relay event this Saturday, is on pace to best recent years’ fundraising numbers.


Constant news updates won’t tell you the complete story

Every once in a while, I try to emulate the majority of my classmates by actually following current events. But despite my valiant effort to watch CNN and Fox News this week, I am not significantly more knowledgeable about the issues that affect the world than I would be if I had spent the time sleeping.


The style is all yours

Spring at Georgetown brings out the best in most of us, but it’s not sundress season yet. Suit up for interviews, take an afternoon stroll­ in style, and look good for class. You never know what might end up in the yearbook.