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City on a Hill: House of Jokers

Georgetown might have flamed out of the 2015 NCAA tournament last weekend, but for the rest of Washington, D.C. the madness of March drags on. Only the players in this... Read more


City on a Hill: Hoya See, Hoya Do

According to the website of the International Society on Infant Studies (whose unfortunate acronym is ISIS), babies as young as four months exhibit a behavior called mirroring, by which they mimic... Read more


DC to Qatar: A Georgetown presence in Doha

Next Tuesday, Georgetown’s Qatar campus of the School of Foreign Service kicks off a two-day academic conference entitled “Scapes of Power: A Critical Appraisal” to celebrate its 10th anniversary. Mohammed... Read more


City on a Hill: Obama’s Odd Duck Politics

With the twilight two years of the Obama administration well under way and the president’s sixth State of the Union address now under his belt, it’s worth remembering that, of... Read more


Interfaith dialogue remains strong on campus despite international turmoil

Despite violence perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists in Paris, controversy over the religious practices of Muslim students at Duke University, and a year of attacks launched by Islamic terrorists in the... Read more


Despite Eastwood’s efforts, American Sniper misses target

“You’re going to be a fine hunter someday,” prophesies Chris Kyle’s father at the outset of Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper, an adaptation of Kyle’s autobiography of the same name. Coming... Read more

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Jurassic World’s High Hopes

Though barely a blip on the geological timescale compared to its 65 million year-old subjects, the Jurassic Park film franchise turned 21 this year—and it couldn’t have picked a better... Read more


City on a Hill: Marion in Ferguson

If death marks the beginning of legacy, Washington, D.C.’s so-called “Mayor for Life,” Marion Barry Jr., started strong. Despite a controversial career marred by crack-smoking and womanizing, the four-term mayor... Read more


Carry That Weight emphasizes heavy impact of sexual assault on campuses

Georgetown’s Red Square included more than its usual fare of tabling student groups and farmers market tents on Wednesday. Pillows and mattresses bearing red tape in the shape of an... Read more


Saxa Politica: Competitive culture presides on campus

’Tis the season of disappointment. Applications to the Corp and GUASFCU have been written, received, and rejected. Academic Council and, most recently, GUSA Senate committee chair votes have been cast,... Read more