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The Empire Strikes Out: Star Wars loses Expanded Universe

What ever happened to artistry? It’s a legitimate societal concern given the omnipresence of 140-character Twitter screeds and Buzzfeed articles that pare life down to short, consumable, forgettable numbered lists.... Read more

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De-Mock-Cracy:Veep Takes on Politics and Family

The following contains spoilers for season three of Veep. Hyperlinked material may contain objectionable language. While I sincerely meant my reflections last week on how Netflix’s House of Cards has... Read more

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A House of Cards : DC and the Media

Note: This article contains spoliers from the second season of House of Cards.  William Shakespeare’s Richard III has sat on my bookshelf gathering dust all summer. In the spirit of those... Read more

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Movie Monster Madness and the Bay

In 1949, longtime San Francisco-based journalist Herb Caen published a collection of essays about the city entitled Baghdad by the Bay. (If you’re interested, it’s available for purchase here.) The... Read more

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Mad Men’s season finale goes outta this world

Several weeks ago, I reviewed the first episode of Mad Men’s seventh season, which is airing in two seven-episode halves a year apart on AMC. “Waterloo,” which capped off this... Read more

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Camp David  shows care for its audience

The first sign is the smoke.  It’s not fire in the theater, but a kind of incendiary nonetheless—a rich, woody haze wafting from the omnipresent pipe of Egyptian President Anwar... Read more

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Mad Men  premiere impresses

Missed the Mad Men premiere last weekend? No worries! Ian Philbrick breaks down the episode, so that you’re all set for episode two! Don Draper (Jon Hamm) has never looked... Read more


Time for a new spokesman for atheism: Enter Neil deGrasse Tyson

Last month, The New Yorker ran a profile by Rebecca Mead of notable astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in light of his new series, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which airs Sunday... Read more


GU students protest Maduro

Georgetown students protested along with D.C. residents Wednesday in front of the Organization of the American States building on 17th Street, N.W. in opposition to government violence against protesters in... Read more


Nobel Peace Prize obsolete and based on media attention

Early in the morning on Friday, Oct. 11, media outlets lit up with the announcement that the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize had been awarded to the Organization for the Prohibition... Read more