Max Fredell


On The Record With Bill Burr On Being Happy, Old, and a Man

Honestly, comedian Bill Burr may have been playing fetch with his kid in his underpants and mellowing in the afterglow from the Red Sox’s extra innings win over the Yankees... Read more


Critical Voices: Lil Reek, The Graduation EP

It’s the squeak, that’s the first thing. The strain in his voice over high open-vowel sounds, Lil Reek sounds a lot younger than he is. He’s not old though. The... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Weekly List: Underappreciated Female Rappers!

So lowkey as a writer, I’ve never written about any female rappers, after like six articles or something. Which is absurd. There are so many talented women in hip-hop! And... Read more


Dieuson Octave and Me

Dieuson Octave is Kodak Black, a 20-year-old Broward County rapper, two years older than I am. He’s been in and out of jail and the court system since I was... Read more


The 250: Christopher Nolan’s Inception

In this episode of The 250, Kayla Hewitt is joined by special guest Max Fredell to discuss Christopher Nolan’s infamous seventh film, Inception. The film is ranked 14th on IMDb’s top 250,... Read more


Critical Voices: Migos, Culture II

Back in 2015, Quavo, leader and migos-est member of Migos, alerted the world “Gangsta rap is back.” This came off of Yung Rich Nation, the middle release of the YRN... Read more

Halftime Leisure

Broward County: Gucci Gang and Yeezus

Audio mixing is a fairly benign element of a song’s form in contemporary-pop music. While Ed Sheeran may opt for a more open and acoustic recording style than Bruno Mars,... Read more


Skateboard Shoes, Sneaker Culture, and a Mob with Machetes

Cosigns don’t sell shoes anymore; shoot, Kylie Jenner can’t even make Pumas look cool in 2017. It takes a village to bring your clout up, something Nike Skateboarding (SB) can... Read more


Critical Voices: Metro Boomin, Without Warning

The first time Metro Boomin’s tag mumbles across his new album, Without Warning, it’s slower than normal. The syrupy “Metro Boomin want some more” indicates a mood, something eerie. In... Read more


Critical Voices: Ty Dolla $ign, Beach House 3

It’s easy to forget that Ty Dolla $ign turned 30 in 2015, especially so considering he’s nearly impossible to overlook in 2017, seemingly singing the hook to every other top... Read more