Paul James

Paul is an assistant news editor and a student in the SFS, class of 2023, studying Culture and Politics. His favorite color is grey, and he holds widely unpopular views about Oxford comma usage and the spelling of the word ‘grey.’


Didn’t make it to Georgetown’s racial justice panels? Here’s what you missed

In light of COVID-19’s outsized effect on the Black population, as well as sustained protests over the police killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and many other Black... Read more


Low homeownership is just one barrier Black D.C. residents face

Despite being a city with a historically high Black population, Washington, D.C. is by some metrics one of the worst places in the country for Black homeowners today.  Looking at... Read more


Students push for environmental studies major

Despite Georgetown’s offerings of majors in biology, chemistry, and other sciences, the College only offers a minor in environmental studies.  Students aiming to pursue the subject are currently limited to... Read more


Healton to assume duties of dean for medical education

Dr. Edward Healton, executive dean of Georgetown’s School of Medicine and executive vice president for Health Sciences, updated the community today on the school’s leadership transition. As announced at the... Read more


Missing GAAP: Class of 2024 meets Georgetown from afar

As students wait to hear whether or not they can return to campus in the fall, the newest Hoyas wonder when they will see Georgetown for the first time. The... Read more


Students remain on an empty, foreign campus

Georgetown students returned to campus after spring break to people moving out en masse after university communications indicated the semester would conclude remotely. After a rushed, often tearful, goodbye, they... Read more


WMATA proposes cuts to bus schedule, route reductions

The 2021 Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority budget proposal includes provisions for combining current bus routes, reducing late night and early morning hours, and adding a surcharge for cash-paying customers,... Read more


If You Like It, Consider Not Putting a Ring On It

Two Voice writers trade takes. This week’s topic: marriage. Paul: Marriage is an institution of fear, not of love. Since its inception, the institution of marriage has been deeply interwoven... Read more


MPD raids Georgetown cigarettes and CBD store in drug search

Metro Police Department officers searched Mr. Nice Guys, a store selling cigarettes and CBD products on 33rd street on Jan. 30. The owners, who were arrested, deny illegal activity. The... Read more


New downtown campus comes CALLing

Georgetown University will begin construction next semester on a new building in downtown D.C. With over 450 beds, it will house students enrolled in the Capitol Applied Learning Lab (CALL),... Read more