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Plan B’s food not worth the morning after

Plan B’s food not worth the morning after


Every Plan A needs a Plan B. Unfortunately, Plan B Burger Bar was, at best, a Plan C. As a transfer from a college outside of Boston, I can attest that nothing good comes from New England. In this case, Connecticut, the home of the first Plan B, has bequeathed the District with a merely…

Critical Voices: Tycho, <i>Awake</i>

Critical Voices: Tycho, Awake


Imagine a stroll through a perfectly manicured garden, Versailles or Dumbarton Oaks, on a sun-soaked day. It is an experience––grass artfully cropped, Baroque nudes selected with precision. Turn that into music and you’ve got down-tempo DJ Tycho’s new album Awake. Though still introspective, Awake departs from Tycho’s previously somber soundscapes in favor of something exactly…

‘Murica: Land of the free, home of the cool

‘Murica: Land of the free, home of the cool


What does it mean to be cool? The American National Portrait Gallery attempts to answer that question and more in its new exhibit “American Cool.” It traces the evolution of “coolness” in the American psyche, from its ostensible nineteenth century origins to the modern day, ending with Jay-Z, of course. “American Cool” starts in the…

Critical Voices: Dum Dum Girls, <i>Too True</i>

Critical Voices: Dum Dum Girls, Too True


Imagine the soundtrack to a neo-noir thriller set at an upscale fashion show. Chances are you’ve thought of something pretty close to the Dum Dum Girls’ new album Too True. It’s at once glam-and-gloom, classic Blondie back from the grave, with frontwoman Dee Dee giving vivacious voice to palpable heartache. Dropping into a lower register…

Critical Voices: Warpaint, <i>Warpaint</i>

Critical Voices: Warpaint, Warpaint


“All those moments trying to figure me out never seem to come around.” This lyric perfectly captures the tone of  the eponymous sophomore effort of Emily Kokal’s Los Angeles-based band, Warpaint. A puzzling album, Warpaint’s gritty texture and nocturnal melodies prove distinct, and yet they keep a familiarity with classic shoegaze. The album opens lackadaisically…

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