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The Reel Pulpit: Oscars 2020 Frontrunners and Favorites

Welcome back to the Reel Pulpit! In this episode Abby Webster, Danielle Guida, and Roman Peregrino discuss their predictions and picks for the 2021 Academy Awards as well as bond... Read more

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Some Disparate Thoughts I Had While Watching the 2017 Academy Awards, or Just Wow.

Thoughts On The Opening Number and Jimmy Kimmel’s Monologue Justin Timberlake opens the Oscars with a rendition of “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and gets the A-listers on their feet, reminding... Read more

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Science Fiction at the Oscars

Two years ago, I wrote a very passionate piece about why I believed that Interstellar should have been nominated for Best Picture. Today, I absolutely stand by that opinion. But... Read more

Carrying On

Carrying On: Untangling the Art From the Artist

I have always been in love with movies. Beautiful, gritty, or suspenseful, it doesn’t matter. When done right, a film has the power to place me in a different world,... Read more

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Emmy Awards 2015: The Academy Gets it Right

After sitting through the Emmys on Sunday, I slowly came to a shocking realization: I was not angry with any of the voters’ choices. Usually, I find myself in meaningless... Read more

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Duvernay’s Oscar Snub Draws Heavy Criticism

Of all the snubs from the 87th Academy Awards nominations, which were announced this past Thursday morning, none drew heavier criticism than the exclusion of up-and-coming director Ava Duvernay from... Read more