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Following a history of disability activism, students push for a Disability Cultural Center

GUSA’s Accessibility Policy Team has launched a campaign for the establishment of a Disability Cultural Center (DCC) that would support the disabled community on Georgetown’s campus.


Accessibility and accommodation concerns rise to the forefront of student advocacy

Just last week, Georgetown students settled into the likely-difficult semester of online learning ahead. While virtual school is widely acknowledged as a general inconvenience for most students, for students who... Read more


Popping the Georgetown Bubble

"My classmates would walk around with thousand-dollar winter coats, wear designer bags, and avoid Leo’s at their every convenience. Meanwhile, I added three jobs to my plate and was juggling more than I could handle. Going from classes in Walsh to shifts in Reynolds (a hike), I often found it near impossible to ever leave the Bubble or even to discover any clubs I was passionate about."


Landre and Burdman Begin Terms as Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

Anna Landre (SFS ’21) was sworn into her role as a commissioner on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2E on Feb. 4. She is joined by Matias Burdman (COL ’21), who... Read more


Helpless in Henle: Lessons Learned from a Broken Leg

My lack of athleticism was never more apparent than a few Saturday nights ago when I gracefully tumbled down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, bruising my pride and breaking... Read more