Brandon Wu


Post Pitch: The Importance of Voting

Welcome back to Post Pitch!  This week, podcasts producer Romy Abu-Fadel interviews our writer, Brandon Wu, about the Editorial Board’s piece in this week’s issue of The Voice. Tune in... Read more


Increasing equity at Georgetown begins with reforming Blue & Gray

Being a tour guide means generally presenting Georgetown positively to visitors. But as three guides of color, we often tiptoe between spouting the information the Office of Undergraduate Admissions wants us to share and acknowledging our lived experiences beyond the brochures.


Solving polarization won’t fix our society’s injustices

Today’s society is not a utopia, and it’s important to realize that politics is and will always be personal—especially for marginalized communities, which is why it is necessary that we work towards progressive action instead of reduced polarization.


Georgetown must make pre-os more accessible for marginalized students

We must restructure pre-os to focus on prioritizing the recruitment and admission of students of underrepresented communities at Georgetown