Joanna Li

Eons ago, Joanna was the executive news editor. Much has changed, but she still enjoys chess, researches altruism, and has a lot of love for people in this magazine. A lot.


D.C. the first U.S. city to establish local SNAP benefits for recipients

On March 10, a D.C. Council bill to increase the minimum monthly Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) payment became law, making D.C. the first U.S. city to implement local SNAP benefits. The “Give SNAP a Raise Amendment Act,” originally introduced by councilmember Christina Henderson in December 2022, proposed a 10 percent increase in SNAP benefits for all District recipients to match expenses under the Low-Cost Food Plan (LCFP) outlined by the USDA.


Georgetown Protects Racists officially ends sit-in protest, aims to continue anti-racism work

On Friday, Feb. 10, Georgetown Protects Racists (GUPR) announced the end of its sit-in protests during a community meeting at 1 p.m.

Halftime News

Heckler puts its foot down: Red Square table mocks Right to Life, promotes reproductive justice

On Feb. 9, David Edwards protested Right to Life by sticking his feet out from under a replica banner that read "Right to Feet."


For the authenticity of Ching Ching Cha to stay after rent hike, it had to leave Georgetown

Since 1998, there was only one shop owner in Georgetown who would sit with you for the time it takes to finish a hot cup of tea. Now, following unprecedented rent hikes, Ching Ching Cha is moving to Dupont Circle.


As temperatures plummet, Georgetown’s Hypothermia Outreach Team reorganize to raise community support

D.C. agencies, non-profits, and campus organizations are aiming to prevent weather related deaths and injuries as hypothermia season starts.


Hoya Sex-a: The Voice’s 2022 sex survey

As the first brisk wave of winter air blows across campus, the Voice wants to know more about the steamy sex lives of its readers. More importantly, we want to promote a raw dialogue about sex—the carnal details, the riveting minutiae, and everything in between.


Definitional changes to 14 Weekly meal plan concern students

A definitional change to the 14 Weekly meal plan has students feeling mislead, although no changes have been implemented.


“More women mean more peace”: Albright symposium reflects on the importance of women in foreign service

Six months after the death of professor and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, the Georgetown community honored her legacy.


After nearly two years of dislodgement, GSP is proudly returning home

The Georgetown Scholars Program (GSP) is finally returning to a renovated, permanent space in Healy Hall next year.


Class (action) not dismissed: Fight to dissolve 568 Presidents Group continues

Former students of 17 universities have sued, alleging the institutions colluded, price-fixed, and limited students' financial aid.