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Amid rise of antisemitism, Jewish students seek community

As Israel’s invasion of Gaza remains ongoing and antisemitism continues to spike, students emphasized that the Jewish communities they’ve found on campus have become places of solace, mourning, and joy.


Latest antisemitic graffiti results in outburst of support, community Havdalah celebration

The latest in a slew of targeted antisemitic violence, antisemitic graffiti was discovered on campus on Jan. 22 by several Darnall residents.


Antisemitic pamphlets the latest in targeted hate speech against Jewish students

Unknown perpetrators distributed at least 75 antisemitic and racist pamphlets to nearly 40 student residences around campus on Nov. 18.


Torah desecration at GW triggers wave of support for Jewish community

After intruders desecrated a Torah at Tau Kappa Epsilon house (TKE) at George Washington University, student and faculty responses there and at Georgetown University signaled strong support for the Jewish... Read more


Support the New and Improved Women’s March

Last January, our editorial board wrote that there were several fundamental problems with the Women’s March. Even though we stood by the movement’s founding principles, we advocated sitting out the... Read more


Some Students Attend Women’s March, Others Sit Out to Protest Leadership

The 2019 Women’s March rallied hundreds of thousands of marchers in D.C.’s Freedom Plaza on Jan. 19. Amid controversy and cold temperatures, an estimated 725,000 marchers showed up, a smaller... Read more


No Place for Hate

In an unacceptable trend of actions meant to intimidate and threaten marginalized communities on campus, four swastikas were reported on Georgetown’s campus in the first four weeks of classes. The... Read more


Swastikas and Silence

As always, they came for the Jews. I’m watching TV after the riots in Charlottesville. I hear that a girl died after a neo-Nazi hit her with his car, I... Read more