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Georgetown must rebuild equitable admissions at every stage

The Supreme Court’s decision to repeal race-conscious affirmative action has brought inequitable college admissions practices to the forefront of discussions on higher education. Make no mistake, however: affirmative action was... Read more


ChatGPT is not the end of written integrity

ChatGPT has upended what it means to write, but it may not be the game-changer for writing that the world initially envisioned.

Georgetown Explained

Georgetown Explained: Georgetown’s application process

With students preparing for Georgetown’s Jan. 10 regular decision deadline, debate over the application has returned to the forefront.


Georgetown admissions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Listen to this podcast episode hosted by Voice writer Erin DuCharme to learn from Suzie Maguire, Alumni Admissions Program committee chair for committee 411, and Gina Petruzziello, a newly admitted... Read more


SFS Academic Council calls for reform of Georgetown’s admissions practices

The SFSAC released a petition to eliminate standardized testing scores and legacy status in Georgetown’s admissions process.


Unlikely and the Underlying Problem of Higher Education

Unlikely (2019) follows five individuals from different parts of America and their second chances at a college education. Directed and produced by award-winning husband and wife filmmaking duo and, Jaye... Read more


Georgetown Gave URI Positive Reference for Former Tennis Coach after Internal Investigation into Admissions Misconduct

Georgetown did not inform the University of Rhode Island (URI) about an internal investigation into Gordon Ernst, Georgetown’s former tennis coach indicted in the nationwide college admissions scandal on Tuesday,... Read more


Lawsuit Filed Against Georgetown Alleges Negligence in College Admissions Scandal

Two Stanford University students have filed a class-action lawsuit against Georgetown University and the other universities listed as destinations for students in the nationwide college admissions bribery and fraud scheme... Read more


Admissions Equity Requires Broader Consideration

Last week, The Hoya’s editorial board argued that, because it leaves qualified Asian-American students disadvantaged when applying to Georgetown and other elite colleges and universities, race-based affirmative action should no longer... Read more