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Busted Stuff: Episode 4 – The Slap

Doktor Specht teaches John to [REDACTED]. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Busted Stuff: Episode 3 – Eating birds?

What do you call a corrupted asparagus? Tommy and John try to find out. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify... Read more


Busted Stuff: Episode 2 – Give ’em a lick

Tommy and John discuss the heroics of Mudman and Pottery Boy. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Busted Stuff: Episode 1 – Mickey Mouse, the Winter Soldier

Tommy and John talk cryonics, needles, and Captain America. Contact the show at for any comments or questions. Listen to Busted Stuff on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.


Chris Distefano Brings Edgy Comedy to the Capital

From the beginning of Chris Distefano’s show, he seemed to immediately click with the audience. Between his impressions of millennial culture and the ease with which he talked about his... Read more


Last Week Tonight Cuts Through the Noise

Last Week Tonight, the hit HBO show filled with comedic takes on the week’s news, is returning for its seventh season. In a news cycle jam-packed with daily headlines about... Read more

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Seth Meyers’s Lobby Baby is on Solid Ground

Saturday Night Live alum Seth Meyers, best known for his current talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, just made his Netflix stand-up comedy special debut with Lobby Baby. The... Read more

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Sticks and Stones: Will Jokes Ever Hurt Us?

In perhaps one of the most controversial comedy specials in the last 10 years, Dave Chappelle opens with a joke about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. Bourdain, the victims of Michael Jackson,... Read more

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New Kid on the Talk: Lilly Singh Makes Her Late-Night Debut

NBC’s new late-night talk show A Little Late with Lilly Singh arrived on screens this past Monday and introduced a wonderful new addition to the scene. Lilly Singh, most well-known... Read more

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Trailer Takes: Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase, Godzilla: King of Monsters, and Good Boys

Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase: Sky: Oh man, if this movie had come out when I was 10 years old I know I would have been all over... Read more

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Hasan Minhaj’s New Series, Patriot Act, is Relevant and Here to Stay

Right off of the heels of his acclaimed Netflix special, Homecoming King, former Daily Show Correspondent Hasan Minhaj continues his impressive rise in the arena of late-night comedy. Minhaj’s newest... Read more


American Vandal and the Art of the Mockumentary

A couple of weeks ago, a video began circulating on my Facebook news feed. It featured students in a high school all involuntarily defecating on themselves, with the caption stating... Read more


What Makes The Good Place So Damn Good

Everyone’s a sucker for a good character transition, and this show has four (well, five, actually). The Good Place is NBC’s hit comedy about four people who end up in... Read more


Sarah Silverman Shines in Controversy

It’s easy to quickly fall in love with comedians: they make us happy, and they know just what to say and when. In 2018, when it’s hard to make a joke... Read more


Life Infiltrating Art

I read reports of Louis C.K.’s alleged sexual misconduct, now confirmed by Louis himself, on the same laptop that held a “Louis C.K. is my spirit animal” sticker. Before I... Read more

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TV Review: Friends Watching  Friends

While at first poorly received by NBC, the portrayal of six young friends trying to make it in the big city managed to climb to the top of the ratings... Read more

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Comedy Central’s Broad City  Colors Outside the Lines

Rape culture, white power, getting high after having your wisdom teeth pulled out, and pegging? All seem unlikely subjects for an American television series broadcasted on a network that reaches... Read more

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Archer  Is Back In Style

Sterling Malory Archer, everyone’s favorite socially dysfunctional spy, is back in a big way. Airing every Thursday at 10, season 6 of Archer takes the show back to its roots.... Read more

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The Wedding Ringer  Is A Competent Best Man

Is true love real? The Wedding Ringer drags you in with the semblance of being yet another rom-com listlessly answering this question. As the film progresses, however, it shifts its... Read more


GU IMPROV: A light in the darkness

When Joe Luther (COL ‘16) decided to come to Georgetown, he had many predictions about the future. Like many of his classmates, he was focused on making friends, excelling in... Read more