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Georgetown’s “global perspective” shouldn’t end at Europe

Let Georgetown’s ongoing response to Ukraine guide its future engagement with world affairs, no matter the region or race of the affected.


Donors, Deans, and Diversity: Behind the scenes of an evolving SFS curriculum

Student efforts around academics have shifted to establishing more diverse curricula, deepening regional studies, rethinking diversity requirements, and hiring faculty of color.


Know your rights: 10 demands SFS students should make 

The SFS is failing its undergraduate students. Here's 10 demands SFS students should make.


Is it enough? Georgetown’s diversity requirement comes under scrutiny

Representatives from academic councils and student groups have worked to compile research on what a revamped requirement could look like. 


Georgetown, train your professors to be anti-racist and hold them accountable when they fail BIPOC students.

This editorial is Part Three of a four-part series in honor of Black History Month where the editorial board discusses ways in which Georgetown must atone for its history of... Read more


College Academic Council and Dean Gillis discuss possible four course curriculum

Over the course of the past semester, the College Academic Council and College Dean Chester Gillis have been discussing the possibility of a university-wide change to a curriculum consisting of... Read more