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Respect Student Voices in Referenda

Students at Georgetown have precious few ways to have the university administration hear their voice. In a community with many diverse perspectives, the initiatives that the majority of students support... Read more


Vote Yes to Divest

After seven years of advocating for Georgetown to divest from the fossil fuel industry, GU Fossil Free (GUFF) will hold a divestment referendum on Feb. 6 alongside the GUSA executive... Read more


Dear Incoming Students,

Every year, we at the Voice write a letter to incoming first-years, welcoming you to campus. The hospitable sentiment generally seems simple enough. But this year, we felt that our... Read more


A New Strategy for Fossil Fuels Divestment

What will sway Georgetown’s administration to divest our endowment from fossil fuels? Despite employing a combination of student advocacy, financial prudency, and appeals to Jesuit values, GU Fossil Free (GUFF)... Read more


Charging in Progress: Georgetown’s campus and global energy impact

In September 1984, Georgetown turned on the photovoltaic array atop the Bunn Intercultural Center. Composed of 4,464 solar panels divided into 10 subarrays spanning almost 36,000 square feet, the ICC... Read more


Criticism of Fossil Free undermines free speech

On March 18, GU Fossil Free (GUFF) walked on stage during World Bank President Jim Yong Kim’s speech about climate change at Gaston Hall to promote their campaign for the... Read more


Carrying On: The Inconvenient Truth about Fossil Free

Climate change is the challenge that will define humanity’s future. Devastating droughts and floods will be more common, and the developing world will be disproportionately harmed. Let me get something... Read more