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Students Demand Action holds vigil for National Gun Violence Survivors Week

Around a dozen students gathered for a vigil in Red Square on Wednesday, Jan. 24, in remembrance of the victims and survivors of gun violence.


What the narratives around gun violence in D.C. get wrong

Contrary to popular and often racist narratives, gun violence in D.C. is not an unsolvable and pervasive problem, but one in which solutions are possible.


Small number of D.C. residents at statistically high risk of perpetrating gun violence, study finds

The District ranks first in gun homicides relative to the rest of the U.S., and a fatal shooting on M St. increased attention on gun violence.


Mayor Bowser recognizes gun violence as a public health crisis, launches prevention program

Mayor Bowser signed a Mayor’s Order recognizing gun violence as a public health crisis and announced the creation of a prevention program.


The kids are dying: What HIV/AIDS activism and gun violence prevention say about America

The parallels between March for Our Lives and ACT UP make it clear: When tragedy strikes, it’s okay to demand that our government do better.