Articles tagged: historical dramas


Boys in the Boat brings a Depression-era underdog story to the sport of rowing

The team's underdog status brings a sweetness to the film that is just enough to make you forget that you don’t know most of the rowers’ names.


Killers of the Flower Moon exploits Osage suffering for shock value

Killers illuminates an overlooked history, but ultimately, the film still sees a white director prioritizing the perspective of a white perpetrator.


Armageddon Time: The power of white privilege

In this semi-autobiographical film, Gray attempts to show the power, privilege, and advantages of being white in America. 


Bridgerton proves that color-conscious casting alone is not good enough

Bridgerton sits somewhere in the middle of the spectrum, not really committed to color-conscious casting, but not color-blind either. The way that race fits into the storyline seems to have been an afterthought. The conversation, which attributed the diversity of the society to love conquering prejudice, was so shallow that I wish they hadn’t included it.