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Cavetown’s worm food is for deteriorating and decomposing—in a (mostly) good way

In general, Cavetown’s music has an almost otherworldly quality, like a reality slightly suspended from this one, and his latest album worm food is no different.


Julien Baker moves forward and finds her strength on Little Oblivions

Queer and Christian. College student and famous touring musician. Addict and sober role model. In Julien Baker’s hands, reconciling these identities is old news—now, she pushes past them altogether.  Baker’s... Read more

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The Weekly List: Artists to Watch in 2015

Another Odd Future collaborator. An English singer-songwriter wunderkind. A Manhattan garage band turned professional duo, produced by Passion Pit’s Chris Zane. The internet’s bubbling and boiling again, and its talent... Read more

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The Weekly List: 2014- An Indie Music Dream

2014 was a great year for music. Despite the fact that Kanye’s album did not drop, many others thankfully made up for that emotional blow. Indie music shined brightly through... Read more

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The Weekly List: For your EDM friends

[8tracks url=”” ] You are an Indie Alternative fan. Most people have not heard of the artists you listen to, and you like it that way. Unfortunately, being the one... Read more

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Critical Voices: Hozier, Hozier

As Julius Caesar once said, “experience is the teacher of all things.” No sentiment could ring more true than this in explaining the skill with which Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier... Read more

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Critical Voices: Vance Joy, Dream Your Life Away

Young, Australian performer James Koegh took on the name Vance Joy and broke onto the top of both indie and pop charts with his single “Riptide.” This hit serves as... Read more

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The Weekly Listen: "Mainstream" Indie

Welcome to The Weekly List(en), a curation of the latest and greatest tracks to hit the interwebs in the past week(ish). Didn’t get a chance to peruse the blogosphere since... Read more