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Faculty hold second vigil for Gazan academics killed by Israel

Georgetown Faculty and Staff for Justice in Palestine (FSJP) held a vigil Tuesday at noon to mourn the Palestinian academics and university students killed by Israel in Gaza. This is... Read more


“Divest from death”: Community members walkout to demand divestment from corporations with Israeli ties

Students, faculty, and staff held a walkout to call on Georgetown to divest its endowment from companies that invest in technologies used by the Israeli military. 


The genocide in Gaza demands ethical and compassionate journalism

The endless social media footage has made the situation in Gaza impossible to ignore. It is, in the words of a South African lawyer suing Israel at the International Court... Read more


‘Not my campus anymore’: Palestinian students made to feel invisible at Georgetown

Content warning: This article includes mentions of racism, Islamophobia, and an anti-Palestinian hate crime. Donia, an international Palestinian graduate student who spoke to the Voice on the condition that she... Read more


“An obligation to speak”: Georgetown faculty organize for justice in Palestine

Georgetown's faculty organized a vigil to memorialize and commemorate their academic colleagues murdered in Gaza on Jan 18.


The University Mission and the Freedom to Define and Decry Atrocity

Shocking. Cruel. Terrifying. Devastating. Criminal. Some say there are "no words" to describe the searing events of October in Israel and Gaza. But these words and many others accurately describe the suffering of both Israelis and Palestinians at this terrible moment in the history of the modern Middle East. As scholars of the region who have devoted years of research, study, teaching, and discussion to the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy, we implore our students, administration, and colleagues to care for all humans impacted by the ongoing carnage flooding our news feeds.


‘Silence is violence’: Students demand university action on Palestine

This article does not include names for the personal safety of Georgetown students and faculty. A walkout for Gaza organized by Georgetown Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) drew  several... Read more


Georgetown must break its silence on Israel’s violent occupation of Palestine

Content warning: This article references systemic violence, Islamophobia, and antisemitism. The editorial board recognizes the escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine has been grievous for Jewish and Palestinian communities.... Read more


Anti-Zionism and antisemitism are not the same. Equating them harms all Jews.

Antisemitism and anti-Zionism are linked, and the former certainly can be present in the latter, but it is not always. In fact, assertions that the two are inherently synonymous are themselves antisemitic.


SJP pulls off successful Israeli Apartheid Week, despite organizing troubles

SJP hosted a series of events educating the community about Palestinian culture and human rights issues in the Israeli-Palestinian crisis.