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Best of 2017: Movies

Best of 2017: Movies


1. Dunkirk Christopher Nolan’s World War II epic feels like the biggest experimental film ever made. It has minimal dialogue, no character arcs, and three different timeframes. In the hands of a director as accomplished as Nolan, though, the film triumphs. Dunkirk never lets the audience breathe over the course of its relatively brief runtime….

Unpacking Hollywood’s Summer from Hell

Unpacking Hollywood’s Summer from Hell


Pennywise isn’t a superhero—but after It broke box office records over its opening weekend, he might want to consider a career change. A clown that spends his time in the sewers looking to drag his victims down with him has managed to elevate Hollywood’s year at the box office, which, to this date, was looking…

<i>It</i> Captivates with both Scares and Laughs

It Captivates with both Scares and Laughs


Adapting a Stephen King novel is never an easy task. Most directors have struggled with walking a fine line between creative liberty and adherence to the source material. When filmmakers work hard to create a movie that will please both King fans and the general public, it can go a long way, as evidenced by…

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