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Best of 2018: Albums

Sweetener – Ariana Grande Ariana Grande has faced unimaginable tragedy and loss in the last two years, and yet, the singer has prevailed as one of the most positive and... Read more

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The Weekly List: Happy Birthday Beyoncé

On September 4th, 1981, a queen was born. Perhaps the most iconic artist working today, Beyoncé has managed to continuously dominate the charts, selling over 100 million records worldwide, winning... Read more

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The Weekly List: 10 Best Hip-Hop Verses of 2016

2016 was one of the best years for hip-hop in recent memory. There was also a lot to sift through. In a year with so many great projects, so many... Read more

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Summer is Coming: Rejoice, Rap Fans

The lead-up to summer has been filled with speculation and anticipation.  From the rumored collaborative album between Jay Z and Beyonce, to the long-awaited GOOD Music sequel album, rap fans... Read more

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Sound it out, dear

Originating as an outgrowth of African American folk music in the early 20th century, Jazz became an outlet for anyone with a story to tell. And because there have been... Read more