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Audienceless Late-Night: Can Live Performance Go Digital?

The top comment on Stephen Colbert’s first audienceless Late Show monologue reads “This feels like it was taped after Thanos snapped,” a reference to the post-apocalyptic world of 2019’s Avengers:... Read more

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Alternative Universe: A White Man Isn’t Hosting The Oscars

In an alternative universe, Leslie Jones is hosting the Oscars. She yells to Ryan Gosling, “See me after the show, you tall glass of almond milk.” She (still yelling) says,... Read more

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TV Recap: Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon Say Goodbye, Olympics Begin

Hey! New day, new column! Welcome to our weekly TV recap! Where we talk about what happened this week in TV. (Duh.) Anyways, enjoy! There were many endings and beginnings... Read more