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Men’s March Madness Predictions: Sixteen teams to look out for

Sixteen teams to look out for in this year’s Men’s March Madness This year’s college basketball season is nearing its close, but between now and then lies the greatest tournament... Read more


Women’s basketball battles for bracket dominance

Every March, fans across the country wait with bated breath for the reveal of the NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket. North Carolina dropped to a 2-seed. Gasp. Arkansas is revealed at... Read more

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Is Caitlin Clark “the Stephen Curry of women’s basketball,” or the first of her own kind?

One player comes to mind as the gold standard for high-volume, parking-lot-range shooting: Stephen Curry. For any young prospect who plays a similar style of basketball, comparisons to Curry are... Read more

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Eight teams to watch out for in this year’s women’s March Madness

Welcome back to March–a.k.a. the very best time of the year. This year, women’s college basketball has reached new levels of parity and prestige, making this year’s version of March... Read more

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Eight teams to watch for in women’s March Madness

For the first time in basketball history, the women’s tournament is finally sharing the “March Madness” slogan.

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Michigan State Sneaks Past Duke and Into Final Four

Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski credited Michigan State’s poise. He pointed to their tireless defense, their effective plays in the half-court, and the fact that “they don’t beat themselves.” An... Read more

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Kentucky’s Dance over NCAA Viewing Record

America has been talking about them all year, and it won’t stop now. With their recent win over the Bearcats of Cincinnati, the Kentucky Wildcats are heading to the Sweet... Read more

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The Battle for Bragging Rights Begins

Fair or not, college basketball conferences are judged by what their teams do in March.  A couple of free throws or a chuck from 35-feet can determine a league’s reputation,... Read more

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March Madness Bracket Tips

Selection Sunday has passed and campuses are abuzz with excitement for the single most heart-pounding, gut-wrenching, rage-inducing month of athletics on the calendar. Work places, friend groups, bars, organizations, and... Read more

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The Cinderella from Cedar Falls

During the last several years, college basketball has appeared to have seen boosts in parity, as several “mid-majors” have had success, despite not being from a power conference. This may... Read more