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Hilltop Horror: The Cultural Impact of American Horror

In Hilltop Horror, Lucy Collins (CAS ‘26) and Elspeth Campbell (CAS ‘26) dive into the history, social context, and cultural impact of genre films from Alfred Hitchcock to Jordan Peele.... Read more


Searching for a smile: Reconsidering trauma narratives in media

Dominant representation of trauma-centered narratives paints a misguided image that happiness is rare—or even unattainable—for people of color.

Halftime Leisure

The ethics of resurfaced media collaborations amidst a pandemic

Viral. It’s a term that’s held a lot of weight over the past seven months. With a viral pandemic circulating around the globe, and new TikTok dances racing through the... Read more


Georgetown graduates reflect on being Latinx in the media industry

The Georgetown Latinx Leadership Forum (LLF) hosted an event titled “Latinx Leadership in Modern Media,” exploring the role of Latinx developers and writers working in the digital media and entertainment... Read more

On The Pandemic

On The Pandemic: The dangers of the news using war metaphors

In discussions about COVID-19, it is the military metaphors that are the most dangerous. War metaphors related to COVID-19 are overused and often inaccurate, and descriptions of the pandemic should instead turn to non-violent metaphors that emphasize the need for community and perseverance.