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Fashioning a Nation shows what America is made of

The National Gallery of Art’s online exhibit Fashioning a Nation is a memorial to the close relationship between two essential facets of culture: history and fashion. Each sketch connects the... Read more


National Gallery of Art’s New Exhibit Demonstrates the Versatility of Pastels Throughout Time

The Touch of Color exhibit at the National Gallery of Art opens with a simple image of pastel sticks, in a range of colors and shades, tightly packed together. Aside... Read more


The National Gallery of Art Contextualizes Jackson Pollock’s Masterpiece “Mural”

One of the most famous artists of the past century, Jackson Pollock has long been a controversial figure for his simultaneously formless and evocative pieces. Pollock’s works are expressions of... Read more


The National Gallery of Art’s Writing Salon Provokes Creative Thought

On Saturday, a group of of mostly older D.C. residents sat on blue butterfly stools facing Jean Miro’s The Farm for the third session of this season’s Writing Salons at... Read more


Evenings at the Edge Offers an Exciting New Spin to the National Gallery’s Art

On Jan. 12th from 6-9 pm, the National Gallery of Art buzzed with an energy imperceptible during its regular hours. Glowing tables, thumping music, and dim lighting all added to... Read more

Halftime Leisure

To Imitate and Deviate

Beyonce is revered as an idol. But, when paired with Jay Z, she transforms into a goddess. Together, the Carters become a dynamic duo, selling out concerts and creating an... Read more