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On the Niners Trade to #3 and If They’ll Take Mac Jones

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch, the San Francisco 49ers decision makers, have completely flummoxed me with their titanic trade to move from No. 12 to No. 3 in the upcoming... Read more

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So You’re A Five-Star Recruit. Where Should You Go To School?

Signing top recruits remains the most predictive factor of a college football program’s success, and five-star recruits are the surest tickets on the market. So how do you convince one... Read more

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Should You Draft A Big Wide Receiver In The First Round?

Now is a fascinating time to take stock of the future of the wide receiver position at the NFL level. On a broad level, Andy Reid’s quote that the college... Read more


The Real Homework Your Team Should Be Doing on the NFL Draft QB Class

Four names have dominated the conversation around the pigskin puzzle that is the 2018 NFL Draft. And if you’re a fan of one of the cellar-dwelling franchises that holds an... Read more

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The Great QB Debate

Once time expired in Super Bowl XLIX, the long road to the 2015 NFL Draft began, with my team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on the clock. Coming off a disastrous... Read more