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Vote! Not everyone can

The Iowa Caucuses are only three days away. After over a year of campaigning and endless polls and punditry, we will finally have a real idea of which candidates people... Read more

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Four Down Territory – 30 for 30

Welcome to Four Down Territory! This is a space where I’ll write about four things in professional sports every Saturday. Whether it’s the four greatest moments or the four worst... Read more

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The two kings of Oklahoma

If you happen to be a fan of a cellar-dwelling NFL franchise, such as the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, or my beloved Buffalo Bills, you have heard two... Read more

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College Football: Where We Are Now

Every season, the preseason narratives surrounding every seemingly unbeatable team are gradually stripped away, but this process rarely happens as quickly as it has in 2014. Through four weeks, no... Read more