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Halftime Leisure

Pixar’s Soul beautifully entwines the profound with the playful

Pixar specializes in embedding deep, existential lessons into gorgeously animated masterpieces, and Pete Docter has accomplished just this with Soul (2020). The film conveys a poignant message that all adults... Read more


Onward Takes Viewers on a Personal, if Uneven, Quest

Pixar’s new fantasy adventure flick Onward (2020) is surprisingly poignant. “It’s probably the most personal film we’ve ever made at Pixar,” Kelsey Mann, the studio’s Head of Story, said in... Read more


Despite A Predictable Plot, Coco is a Dazzling and Heartwarming Story

Disney Pixar’s Coco follows Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez), a young aspiring musician who comes from a family of cobblers with a 95-year-long ban on music. After attempting to steal the guitar... Read more