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Disgruntled Patriotism

From the very beginning of this country's settler-colonialism to the most modern manifestation of Jim Crow through the prison system, these historical examples are part of larger systems upholding the white upper-class power structure. It shows us that there is an intentional inability to establish our values for all Americans. Patriotism should not find its foundation in this history, but rather in the advocates that challenged them. While exclusion is a fundamental part of American history, so too is resistance. Dissent is pivotal in dismantling these exclusionary visions of America. In particular, dissent rooted in fundamental principles of democracy, justice, and equality is one of the most American things imaginable.


What asexual students want you to know this Asexual Awareness Week

Campus brims with queer joy during October or, as the LGBTQ Resource Center has called it for at least the past decade: OUTober. As part of National Coming Out Day... Read more


Fresh Voices: Kayla Hewitt on Pride

In this episode of Fresh Voices, Julia talks with Kayla about corporate pride, straight people going to Pride, and the diversity of the queer community.