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STEM Fatale: The pitfalls of the “Women in STEM” label

I’m a “Woman in STEM”—I used to love saying that. It felt important to have a title that recognized my love for science, as well as the challenges associated with... Read more


Taking science out of the lab: STEM classes adjust to remote learning

Besides the standard textbook, General Chemistry II students have a new item to purchase for class this summer: a hands-on laboratory kit complete with chemicals, gloves, goggles, and other equipment... Read more


Changing the SySTEM

As a woman in science, I consider myself extraordinarily blessed by my upbringing. Throughout my childhood and early education, I never perceived any indication that women were less capable of... Read more


Evaluating Epigenetics: Avoiding Eugenic Thought

In the last decade, findings within epigenetics have been generating big waves far beyond scientific circles. It’s fairly easy to understand why. But, the moral discussions that have evolved from... Read more