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Learning what it means to be alone

"It was naïve of me to assume that I could avoid being alone on campus forever, and now, preparing for completely virtual classes, I’ve had to reflect on how I will deal with loneliness this semester."

Halftime Leisure

QUIZ: Help Us Help You

It’s a trying time here on 37th and O. With midterms, the dreariness of late February, and the crushing sense of loneliness following Valentine’s Day, we won’t lie, we’ve been... Read more


What Is Love #3: Self Care w/ Corina Lobo

Welcome back to “What Is Love,” affectionately known as WIL. We invite you to engage more deeply, by listening weekly, following our instagram @wil_podcast, and attending one of our social... Read more


Strive for Imperfection

Last month, my day often started with sharing an understanding smile with the Lau security guard. If you’ve stumbled into the library anytime from 5-8 a.m., determined to study for... Read more