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Ding dong! The Manic Pixie Dream Girl is dead

From the blonde bombshell to the femme fatale, women in film have often accessorized the plot, and the MPDG is no exception.

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A lion, a sea witch, and their flashy wardrobes: A wicked history of Hollywood’s queer-coded villains

Hollywood’s use of queerness almost exclusively in its villains—as deviations from the norm—has become a lazy and problematic cop-out.

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Let Black horror haunt your screens this Halloween

Black horror is booming. Several films released this summer to overwhelmingly positive reviews and streaming success.

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From blood-suckers to Barbies, strong female leads thrive in fantasy

The fantastical allows filmmakers and audiences to envision more creative, progressive storylines for women.


Elon Musk, Grimes, and Living in a 21st Century Society

Few celebrities have managed to create a reputation and societal imprint as unique as Elon Musk. His image has become all the more interesting since the announcement of his relationship... Read more