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“Lift Me Up” is a soothing, triumphant tribute from Rihanna

A minute left before the Oct. 28 midnight official release of Rihanna’s “Lift Me Up,” time slowed to an agonizing crawl as a million questions surged to the forefront of... Read more

Halftime Leisure

The Weekly List: Songs From the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Movie of All Time: Almost Famous

I was going to write about the greatest songs from great scenes in movies. However, there are lots of movies circulating about in existence…like more than I can count. Given... Read more


The Weekly List: Soundtracks to Take You Away

It’s midterm season, again. Some may be super on top of their work while others (me) may be procrastinating until unbearable pressure forces them to study. Sometimes, a healthy dose... Read more

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A Song of Fire, Ice, and Smooth Jazz

[youtube id=”s7L2PVdrb_8″ width=”600″ height=”350″] It’s Sunday at 9PM. You and your friends gather around your television—or more likely, the HBO GO screen on your laptop—and settle in for the new... Read more