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Kelly Reichardt Pioneers a New American Western with First Cow

First Cow opens with a huge, rusty barge floating down the Columbia River at a glacial pace. Between the vessel’s entrance from the left of the screen and eventual exit... Read more


The Ballad of Buster Scruggs is an overwhelming examination of Westerns

What can be added to a genre that is already oversaturated, filled with stereotypes and clichéd movie tropes? The age of the Western has come and passed, yet directors Ethan... Read more


A Case for the Classics: Stagecoach

To pinpoint the moment at which the American 18th century western frontier began to be mythologized is impossible. Early explorers including Lewis and Clark, sent West by Thomas Jefferson to... Read more

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“Going for the Western” by Carolyn DeCarlo

John held Susan by the elbow as they walked across the lot toward their new car. He held the door for her as she slid in, before bounding to the... Read more